Signs of Illness in Cats as Seen by a Sudbury Veterinary Clinic

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Sudbury Veterinary Clinic Discusses Cats and Illness


The Barrydowne Animal Hospital, Our Sudbury Veterinary Clinic, knows that the relationship between cats and humans dates back to ancient times.  They were adorned as Goddesses in ancient Egypt and humans spent about 1000 years building a domesticated relationship with our feline friends. It is a learning experience for us, a relationship that will develop through time and trust and we may possibly never fully understand the complexity of their regal individuality.  Cats have always been very stoic by nature and it is not always easy to determine if they are sick or in pain.  Often, they will suffer in silence and it takes an observant cat owner to detect any small changes to their appearance, behaviour, eating habits etc., which could indicate all is not well.  Our Sudbury Veterinary Clinic knows that cats are very good at hiding pain from their owners and each cat will have a different pain threshold. Just because your cat isn’t crying does not mean that they are not in discomfort.  Our Sudbury Veterinary Clinic wants you to keep an eye open for any of the following changes which could indicate that your feline friend is not in purr-fect health.   

Changes in Food and Water Consumption

Any change in water/food consumption should trigger you to put your sleuthing cap on.  Our Sudbury Veterinary Clinic knows that even missing 1 meal is enough, if this is unusual for your cat, to indicate that all is not 100%. 

Changes in water consumption may be more difficult to observe, especially in cats that spend time outdoors or drink from other water sources (toilets and sinks). If you are unsure of how much food and water your kitty is consuming daily don’t fret, Our Sudbury Veterinary Clinic suggests measuring food and water to obtain a better idea on their eating and drinking habits.  

Unexplained Weight Loss or Weight Gain 

Does it seem like your cat’s workout routine is more effective than your own?? Our Sudbury Veterinary Clinic wants you to know that a change in weight does not necessarily correlate with a change in appetite or exercise. Many diseases cause both appetite and weight loss. If your cat goes to the food dish and then backs away from it without eating, nausea could be the source and we all know that a rumbling tummy will bring out the “tom cat” in the best of us!! 

Weight changes can often go unnoticed because of a cat’s thick coat. You can assess your feline friend’s body condition by feeling gently along the ribs and along the spine. This can be bonding time for you both; your cat will receive affection as you check that you can still feel their ribs but not see them.   

Bad Breath

Are you afraid to look in your cat’s mouth??  Studies show 70% of cats have gum disease as early as age 3. Just like us, your kitty requires annual dental examinations to make sure their whites stay pearly!!  Also, regular home teeth brushing and veterinary dental care prevent bad breath, pain, tooth loss and spread of infection to other organs.  

Inappropriate Elimination 

When your cat is urinating or defecating outside the litter box, or not at all, it may be time to check the plumbing.  Our Sudbury Veterinary Clinic says that if this is happening, this could be indicative of a behavioural issue or a medical problem.  Consult your veterinarian so that the appropriate tests can be run to determine the cause and construct a treatment plan.
A cat that is urinating inappropriately may have any number of conditions. It can also be a sign of arthritis, which makes it difficult for the cat to get into the litter box.  Remember aging is inevitable and happens to the best of us!! Clean out your cats litter box daily so you can detect these changes early.  

Our Sudbury Veterinary Clinic realizes that our feline friends will always be somewhat of an enigma.  It is their mysterious nature that draws us to them, wanting to know more, but it is also their mysterious nature that allows them to keep us at bay.  Since ancient times their private and solitary nature has intrigued us as they represent the closest connection we have to something “wild.”  They command our attention and devotion on their own terms but do not feel any pressure to comply or obey with the will of their human companions.  That is why our Sudbury Veterinary Clinic, the Barrydowne Animal Hospital, wants you to become a keen observer of your feline friend and document any changes no matter how subtle they may be and contact your veterinarian immediately to ensure proper treatment.  Stay tuned for another article depicting more symptoms to look for to keep your kitty happy and healthy.  For more information you can contact us at 705-566-4243 or visit our website at or our Facebook page at 


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