Our Sudbury Vets Recognize The Farley Foundation

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Our Sudbury Vets Want You to Know that October is Farley Month

After a long week at work, Our Sudbury Vets know that Saturday mornings are perfect for sitting with your favorite hot beverage and reading the newspaper.  Many people will flip directly to the comic section for some lighthearted humor to balance the hectic pace of the week that has passed.  We have all read “For Better or for Worse” and have followed the antics of this comic strip family throughout the years.  We have watched the children grow up, leave home and return with children of their own.  One thing that was always a constant throughout their lives was the family’s trusted companion, their dog Farley.  We watched them bring him home as a puppy and we wept as Farley gave his own life to save one of the children from drowning.  He was a loyal companion, brave hero, and most importantly, a beloved member of the family.  Farley became recognized internationally and was instrumental in bringing awareness to the significance of the human-animal bond.  In 2001, the author, Lynn Johnston allowed the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association to use Farley’s image to establish the Farley Foundation.  Our Sudbury Vets at the Barrydowne Animal Hospital want you to be aware that October is Farley Month and we are proud supporters of the Farley Foundation.

What is the Farley Foundation??

Our Sudbury Vets would like to inform you that the Farley Foundation is a non-profit organization that assists eligible people by subsidizing the cost of veterinary care.  They realize that our furry family members are important for the health and happiness of their pet parents regardless of income.  The foundation operates in Ontario and relies solely on donations.

Who is Eligible for Assistance from The Farley Foundation??

The Farley Foundation was established to assist people in certain situations that are often unavoidable:    

-Seniors who receive the Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement

-Disabled Individuals who receive the Ontario Disability Support Payment or the CPP Disability Payment                

-Participants of the OVMA SafePet Program –women at risk of abuse who are entering women’s shelters 

-Senior care Facilities that own a pet for companionship for residents

Our Sudbury Vets know that every donation goes directly to helping others care for their four legged loved ones.  For some, the companionship of their pet is the most valuable relationship and often does improve the health and happiness of their pet parents.

How Does it Work??       

Your veterinarian would make an application to the Farley Foundation on your behalf.  Our Sudbury Vets want you to know that pet parents cannot apply for funding from the Foundation directly.  Also, to be eligible for funding, applicants must have a pre-existing relationship with the veterinary clinic applying on your behalf.

Farley began as a lovable character from a comic strip but evolved into an icon representing the importance of the human-animal bond.  Our Sudbury Vets realize the unconditional love and companionship that our four legged friends bring to our lives and that they truly are valued members of our families.   The staff at the Barrydowne Animal Hospital encourages you to stop in and make a donation to the Farley Foundation.  Big or small, every donation counts and will help to brighten the lives of others!!  

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