Pet Insurance as Seen by Our Sudbury Vets

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Our Sudbury Vets Discuss the Importance of Pet Insurance

Do you have a Swiss bank account, full of an undisclosed amount of money, ready for when your furry family member has an accident or illness? At The Barrydowne Animal Hospital, our Vets in Sudbury know this is a very unlikely scenario.   Most pet parents do not think about their dog or cat getting sick or suffering an accident, mostly because it is too difficult to imagine it, or because you don’t have extra money saved if it does happen.  It will break your heart to have to decide whether next week’s groceries or your pets’ health is more important to you. But alas, sometimes as pet parents we are forced with difficult decisions! What if you had pet insurance??

As a society, we insure almost everything, from ourselves, our family members, our cars, houses, and many other things.  So why do we not consider pet insurance for our furry family members? Our Vets in Sudbury realize that there is little education for pet parents regarding insurance for their furry friends.  There are a variety of companies that offer pet insurance for dogs and cats so at these critical times of illness or unexpected veterinary medical bills you don’t have to over extend your bank account.

Our Vets in Sudbury encourage you to click on the following link to find out more about some of these companies.

Now that you’re thinking about pet insurance, Our Vets in Sudbury want you to know that there are some things to consider before deciding which company will best suit your needs:

– most or all companies will not cover pre-existing health conditions. So ideally you should
sign up with a policy as soon as you bring a new pet into your family

– how much coverage do you want/need? Pet insurance can be exclusive to accidents or
illness or can be broad and cover everything from vaccines to spaying/neutering.

– how much can you budget a month for pet insurance? The more coverage you would like
usually means a larger monthly premium

– How old is your pet? The longer you wait to start pet insurance the higher the premium
will be. Therefore you want to start it as a puppy, not as a senior

– Does your cat go outside? If they do, you may want more coverage

– Does the company you sign up with have many exclusions? For example, do they cover hip
dysplasia in large breed dogs, or certain breed specific conditions?

– What are their limits, if any, per year, per incident, lifetime, etc.

– How quickly are claims processed and paid?

– Do premiums increase as your pet gets older?

– Does the company have a good reputation?

Our Sudbury Vets want you to know that just like any insurance company you need to do your research and be sure you understand what your policy includes, and understand what you’re paying for. If you can call the company directly and speak to their representatives you may have a better understanding as to what is provided, and may help you with your choice.  Our Sudbury Vets know that the human-animal bond plays a role in a healthier lifestyle for both furry family members and their pet parents and enrolling in pet insurance can help to put your mind at ease!!
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