February is Dental Health Month at Your Sudbury Vet Clinic!!

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Our Sudbury Vet Clinic Discusses the Importance of Dental Care

Regular visits to the dentist are a vital part of a healthy human lifestyle, but did you realize that your furry family members need dental care too?!  Our Sudbury Vet Clinic, the Barrydowne Animal Hospital, encourages you to take a look inside your four legged friend’s mouth.  Is there an odor, does it cause you to hold your breath??  Are the gums light pink and healthy, or are they irritated and flaming red??  Are the teeth clean and pearly white, or are they plagued by plaque or tartar??  Are the teeth worn or broken??  The staff at Our Sudbury Vet Clinic is trained to properly correct these dental issues.

Did you know that over 85% of our furry friends over the age of 2 years have some form of periodontal disease?? That is a staggering number and if left untreated, dental disease can lead to other complications involving the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys.  Since February is Dental Health Month, this is the perfect opportunity for you to bring in your furry friend for a dental evaluation to Our Sudbury Vet Clinic.  Once we have had a look inside, we can help to devise a plan for you to care for your pet’s teeth to keep you both smiling!

Most of us will have a dental exam and cleaning once every 6 to 9 months.   Why not consider dental care for your furry family member?? To properly assess and fully clean your pet’s mouth, Our Sudbury Vet Clinic will have to place him or her under a general anesthesia.  With the introduction of new and safer anesthetic agents, this is not a major concern for most of our furry family members.  It allows us to explore around every individual tooth in the mouth, and identify any problem areas if they exist.  Radiographs may be taken, and results are immediately available to us in digital format.  If any issues are detected, you may be given the option of same day treatment. Otherwise, the teeth are fully cleaned and polished – just like at your regular dentist!  Wow!  Your furry friend will be picture perfect with their pearly whites.

In order to maintain your furry friend’s oral health, there are a number of options advised by the staff members at Our Sudbury Vet Clinic.  Brushing teeth, feeding an oral care diet,  using an oral care water supplement, and using toys and treats that promote dental health all help to maintain a clean, healthy mouth.

We all should, ideally, brush our pet’s teeth every day.  A soft tooth brush should be used in gentle circular motions over each section of the mouth.  Cats and dogs do not spit and will ingest the toothpaste that you use.   Our Sudbury Vet Clinic, The Barrydowne Animal Hospital, says that it is imperative to brush using an enzymatic pet toothpaste that does NOT contain detergents, whiteners nor fluoride, thereby being safe to swallow.  Start brushing right away so it becomes a part of your furry friends’ daily routine.

There are several oral care diets available in the pet food market.  Quality products that have been tested and proven to control plaque and tartar contain the seal of approval from the Veterinary Oral Health Council® (VOHC® Accepted) on the bag.  Our Sudbury Vet Clinic, The Barrydowne Animal Hospital, can recommend an oral care diet for your furry friend.  There are foods designed for both adult and senior pets to prevent plaque and tartar buildup, while also being low in calories.  What a great way to keep your furry family member healthy throughout their lifetime!

Our Sudbury Vet Clinic wants you to know that along with oral care diets there are also water supplements for both cats and dogs that have been tested and are proven to control the oral bacteria that lead to periodontal disease.  Look for the Veterinary Oral Health Council® Seal of Acceptance for Plaque Control on the market today.  Safe and effective for all life stages, this is truly one of the simplest forms of oral care available today!  Fill up the water bowl and walk away!

Does your furry friend like to play and chew?  This is healthy as long as calories are controlled and large pieces are not ingested that could cause an obstruction of the gut.  Rawhide chews and dental toys help to clean the teeth and strengthen the jaw.  Rope toys can help clean the front teeth.  Our Sudbury Vet Clinic advises you NOT to feed real bones.  Real bones can fracture teeth, as well as causing gastrointestinal irritation or blockage.  NO REAL BONES PLEASE!!

This February, during Dental Health Month, Our Sudbury Vet Clinic, The Barrydowne Animal Hospital, encourages you to be proactive regarding the oral health of your furry family member.  Take a peek into your pet’s mouth, and if what you see or smell is concerning, book an appointment to have him/her examined.  Consider booking a comprehensive oral health assessment.  Start a regular daily tooth brushing regime!  Think about incorporating an oral health diet, water supplement or chew toys into your furry friend’s life.  By taking care of oral health, your precious pet will be more comfortable in the long term, improving your family’s overall health and well-being.   Together we can take a bite out of dental disease!!

At The Barrydowne Animal Hospital we understand that our furry friends are a valued member of our families so we have put together a special offer to keep your pet smiling.  If you book your dental procedure before the end of February and it is completed by June 1st you will receive a 10% discount off the oral health assessment and treatment.  Plus if you complete the procedure before March 30th  we will send you home with a free bag of oral health food.

If you have any questions please contact Our Sudbury Vet Clinic, The Barrydowne Animal Hospital at 705-566-4243 or visit our website at www.barrydowneanimalhospital.com or our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/BarrydowneAnimalHospital

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