Grooming Tips from Our Sudbury Animal Hospital

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The Barrydowne Animal Hospital Discusses the Importance of Grooming

Spring has sprung! The birds are singing. The snow is melting and everyone’s yard is a quagmire of mud.  White carpets beware!! It seems that every time our four legged family members are let outside they bring all that mud back indoors with them.  Consequently, this time of year grooming and bathing become issues in the forefront of our households.

Our Sudbury Animal Hospital realizes that many questions may arise regarding grooming our pets:  What is the first step in grooming?  How often should I be bathing my pet?  What products should I be using?  Do I need to wipe out his ears?  What about trimming the nails?  And what if I find a problem with the skin?   We at Barrydowne Animal Hospital in Sudbury will clear up all these questions and put your mind at ease.

The first step in grooming is regular brushing.  Depending on your pet’s coat, this may be a daily requirement or only occasional brushing may be necessary.  Our Sudbury Animal Hospital says that by starting at an early age, this grooming ritual can become an important bonding experience between you and your furry family member.  Brushing helps to remove loose hair, mats and tangles as well as all the mud, sand and debris your pet may have carried in on their coats.  The process of brushing also helps spread the naturally occurring oils throughout the coat and stimulates blood flow to the skin, giving our furry friends that healthy shine we all like to see.  Even pets enjoy good hair days!!

Dogs that shed generally require only periodic bathing.  A bath is in order when the coat is obviously dirty which is often the case in the springtime.  But if you are struck by an overwhelming dog-like odour when your pet enters the room, a bath should be strongly considered.  During shedding season, bathing can also help remove all those loose hairs that would otherwise find their way onto your clothes and furniture. We all know what happens to our favorite black clothes when we’ve been around a shedding dog!!  Whenever possible, our Sudbury Animal Hospital suggests bathing your four legged friend with warm water. Although we may have the tendency to use the convenience of the garden hose in the summer, image how you would feel having an ice cold shower!!  Use only animal approved shampoos and conditioners when bathing your pets.  Never use human products to wash your furry friend as they may cause adverse side effects.  Dogs that do not shed and whose coats grow continuously may need regular bathing and haircuts. This may entail a spa day for your dog.  Your friendly veterinary staff at the Barrydowne Animal Hospital can recommend quality grooming facilities available in our area. Even four legged family members deserve a day of pampering every once in a while.

While you have your pet in the tub it may be a good time to clean the ears as long as your veterinarian has prescribed an ear cleaner and has instructed you on the correct ear cleaning procedure.  If, during the bathing adventure, you notice that your pet’s ears are red or have unidentifiable debris inside the ear canal, it is advised to contact our Sudbury Animal Hospital for further instruction.

Take this time to have a look at your dog’s nails.  We want to keep these at a reasonable length.  Your veterinarian can show you the proper procedure when it comes to nail trimming.  The trick is to start slow and make it a positive experience for both you and your pet.  Develop a regular schedule for nail trimming and over time your pet will become cooperative and the process will go smoothly for both of you.

Regular inspection of your dog’s coat provides an opportunity to detect if there may be any lumps and bumps or dry, flaky skin or hair loss.  The general overall appearance of your dog’s coat may be an indicator of underlying health problems.  If you have noticed anything out of the ordinary contact our Sudbury Animal Hospital, The Barrydowne Animal Hospital as further medical treatment may be required.

Keeping your furry family member healthy and happy is our number one goal at The Barrydowne Animal Hospital in Sudbury.  Just as we require regular maintenance to our skin, hair and nails, so do our four legged friends.  By incorporating grooming into your schedule you can keep better track of your dog’s health and find any abnormalities in a timely fashion.  It is also an excellent way to spend quality time with your pet.  The bond between pet and pet parent is very unique and provides a healthier lifestyle for all!! If you have any questions please contact our Sudbury Animal Hospital, The Barrydowne Animal Hospital at 705-566-4243 or visit our website at or our Facebook page at  Together we can make sure that your furry friend looks and feels paw-sitively purr-fect!!!



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