A Day in the Life of a Summer Student at The Barrydowne Animal Hospital

By September 24, 2013 Uncategorized

My experience as a summer student at the Barrydowne Animal Hospital was beyond words but here goes nothing!!! Most summer students dread their summer jobs but for me, I woke up every morning looking forward to all the new things I knew I would learn that day!!

I would arrive at 8:30am and look forward to what new techniques, cases and learning opportunities that would come my way.  My day would begin by going in and getting the laundry started and no matter how hard I tried, the laundry bin always seemed to be full.  Throughout the day I would assist with checking in our furry friends, stocking exam rooms, scheduling appointments and answering the phone.  I would also help out with running blood work and urine samples. Basically, I learned how to become a jack of all trades.  I quickly learned that the work of a veterinary technician means being able to wear several hats during the course of one day.

The staff at the Barrydowne Animal Hospital are incredible (no bias what so ever!!)  Most people can relate to the unsettling feeling of starting a new job but my nerves were quickly settled as I was welcomed with open arms.  Everyone took time to show me how to do things properly and I quickly felt like part of the team. When one walks into the Barrydowne Animal Hospital you will interact with many different staff members.  People do not realize the family dynamic within the hospital.  Everyone works together as a unified team in order to assist pets and pet parents the best way they possibly can. Carol, our receptionist, is the first face clients usually see when they come into the hospital and I would often assist her with answering phones to schedule appointments.  Her warm and friendly personality is something that I appreciated, along with her mother-like concern over whether or not my homework from my summer courses had been completed.  Yes, Carol I am still keeping up with all of my assignments!!! Kristie, the office manager, continually found a way to make me laugh as we unpacked the latest order.  She was always willing to help out wherever needed and answered all of my questions.  Now she’s going to have to unpack all of those bins by herself.  Better start eating your Wheaties!!!  The terrific team of techs, Ginette, Karen and Coline, are the helping hands to the veterinarians and often times they are the ones that spend a lot of time caring for our furry friends.  They taught me so much over the course of the summer and became my adoptive older sisters.  I would help them run blood work and set up for surgery and they were always quick to explain every process to me.  Dr. Danyluk, Dr. Chamberland and Dr. Patterson are the dedicated veterinarians who gave me so many great opportunities throughout my summer at the Barrydowne Animal Hospital.  They were also always there to answer all of my annoying questions even though their schedules were always full.  The knowledge I gained from them will stay with me forever.

Now that fall is upon us, I can’t help but feel a little bittersweet about going back to school.  I will truly miss every single one of my coworkers, but the experience was truly irreplaceable.  I really hope they will invite me back next summer!!!

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