Dr. Lou Ripa


Like most veterinarians, Dr. Ripa’s love and compassion for animals led him to his pursuit of his Veterinary degree.  As a young boy, Dr. Ripa was honing his veterinary skills as he would often administer first aid to his dog Kim, who seemed to enjoy being his patient!!  He knew right then that he had found his calling.

While at the Ontario Veterinary College he visited Sudbury and was instantly drawn to the beauty of the Northern surroundings and away from his Toronto birthplace.  He decided to build and open the Barrydowne Animal Hospital.

In 1962 he planned and built Barrydowne Animal Hospital as the first free standing single purpose animal hospital in Sudbury and District.  After many years in practice, Dr. Ripa became the Director of Barrydowne Animal Hospital, confining his activities in the hospital to administrative duties. He now enjoys full retirement with his two and four legged family members.

Dr. Harlow, his wife and partner, have three dogs and they enjoy taking them on hikes and boating excursions.

His interests include woodworking, hiking and travel.  In the past, Dr. Ripa has been President of the Northern Ontario Veterinary Association and he also spent a term as a director on the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association.

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