Dr. Lisa Chamberland


Dr. Chamberland was drawn to biology from an early age, but wasn’t sure if her patients would have two or four legs. In her last year at Laurentian University, her dog Jessie was struck by an out-of-control car while Dr. Chamberland was holding her leash. Fortunately, Jessie survived. The attending veterinarian allowed her to observe Jessie’s treatment, and Dr. Chamberland found her calling.

After completing her studies at the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph, Dr. Chamberland returned home to Sudbury to practice veterinary medicine. Dr. Chamberland finds great satisfaction in performing non-invasive diagnostic techniques to find answers for ailments that might otherwise go undiagnosed. She completed specialized training in ultrasonography in 2008.

Dr. Chamberland’s absolute favorite holiday is Christmas. Spending time with family and reading by the lights of her Christmas tree are her favorite things to do (and being Ukrainian means she gets to celebrate twice!) As much as Dr. Chamberland loves the beauty of fall colors, summer is her favorite season. With her family, she has made such wonderful memories camping throughout and exploring the beauty of Northern Ontario.


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